Photography Made Simple – Beginners & Intermediate Courses.

Invest in your Photography, Invest in yourself !

Everything you wanted to know about how to take great shots but were too afraid to ask ?

Our Beginners and Intermediate courses are designed to explain everything you’d like to know to improve your photography in plain, easy to understand language without all the jargon & technical terms that can be confusing and put people off !!

Photography at it’s most basic, is understanding how to use light in order to capture a subject at it’s best. Once you understand that, you can then add all of the other 5 elements of subject, perspective, composition, atmosphere & processing to create in reality, the exact shot that previously only existed in your imagination.

We will help you to understand and apply these 6 elements to every aspect of your photography and your photographic skills in a very short period of time will be enhanced enormously.

We have designed all of our courses with simplicity of learning in mind, together with fantastically practical course literature that will help you to better understand all aspects of photography.

Also just to put put your mind at rest – whatever Camera you have, will be just fine !

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Beginners – Portrait Photography Half Day Course

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