Beginners – Half Day Portrait Photography Course

Everything you wanted to know about how to take great shots but were too afraid to ask ?

This is a beginners course that will have you shooting terrific shots in no time at all and you don’t need a top of the range camera to do it ! This course takes place in a modern Professional Photographic Studio and is the perfect setting to get your creative juices flowing and take your Portrait photography forward….


Understand that the 6 key elements that make up a great shot –

Lighting, Subject, Perspective,

Composition, Atmosphere, Processing.

You will learn how to apply these vital elements to every shot and the results will be spectacular.

Additionally, I’ll show and explain ;

Shutter Speeds,

Aperature, ISO, Depth of Field,

The Rule of Thirds, Using Negative Space, the Blue Hour etc….

How to intentionally freeze or blur the action in your photographs,

How to create amazing portrait shots everytime with just your camera & the available light.


I’ll reveal the lighting secrets of the pros, and show you how to create stunning portraits every time you shoot. This is a hands on course, and as such, you will gain experience with powerful, professional studio strobes and modifiers. You will also have the opportunity to develop your portfolio by shooting with an experienced model, with me as your assistant.

You’ll also receive an exclusive Edge School of Photography Portrait booklet with amazing information on loads of great subjects like How to pose any subject, choosing locations, Lighting Guides, backgrounds, essential props etc….

With a course limited up to a maximum of 5 people, this is the perfect opportunity for beginners to improve their skills in double quick time. Everything is discussed & explained in easy to understand language and plenty of time and opportunity to ask any questions that you want !

So whether you want to shoot in Auto or Manual, I’ll show you how to get the amazing shots that blow everyone away and make you look like a Pro……

All types of Digital SLR’s, Bridge & Mirrorless cameras are suitable for this course.


Upcoming Course Dates ; Sat 23rd Sep, Sat 7th Oct, Sat 21st Oct.

Time of Course ; 10.30am to 3pm  ;

Course Fee : €145


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